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Date:      Fri, 17 Jul 2020 09:32:01 -0700
From:      Donald Wilde <>
To:        LuKreme <>
Cc:        freebsd-questions <>
Subject:   Re: URGENT: Microsoft overwrites boot loader!
Message-ID:  <>
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On Fri, Jul 17, 2020, 05:27 LuKreme <> wrote:

> On Jul 17, 2020, at 00:53, Polytropon <> wrote:
> > or did it happen after you _booted_ an already installed
> > instance of "Windows", which then did attack "foreign data"
> > on the disk?
Yes. It destroyed my Ubuntu backup files.

> That was how I read the original post, and I=E2=80=99ve heard this compla=
> before. I installed =E2=80=9Cnever 10=E2=80=9D on my win7 machine ages ag=
> Otoh, I think tight now Edge is the best browser on Windows 1

0 by a pretty healthy margin. YMMV.

I'm glad you like it but I will never use Windows again except long enough
to scrape it off a new machine. Between the evil embedded in their code and
their EULA, the only thing MS deserves is to end up in the dustbin of
history like IBM and DEC.

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