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Date:      Wed, 1 Dec 2004 10:39:46 -0500
From:      "Michael W. Lucas" <>
To:        Daniel Eriksson <>
Cc:        'Frode Nordahl' <>
Subject:   Re: Got rid of my SiI3112A
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On Mon, Nov 29, 2004 at 10:40:41PM +0100, Daniel Eriksson wrote:
> Frode Nordahl wrote:
> > But as things are today, I think it would be best to remove 
> > support for 
> > SiI3112A. Especially since the general attitude towards it is 
> > "it's too 
> > broke, we don't want to waste any more time on it".
> > 
> > Attempting to use it in a 5.3-RELEASE or 6-CURRENT system will most 
> > likelly make your system crash and burn, and make your data 
> > unrecoverable beyond repair.
> I will have to agree with Frode on this one. I recently put -CURRENT on a
> machine with an ASUS mobo that had a SiL 3112 controller. Hooking up two
> 250GB WD discs to it quickly resulted in timeouts, followed by some strange
> messages from geom_stripe (used it to stripe the two discs), followed by
> filesystem corruption and panics.

Does anyone know if Soren has one of these controllers?

Getting him a poorly-supported controller is the first step towards
getting it fixed.


Michael Lucas,
   "I'm sorry, but 'Social Darwinism' is no excuse for killing all of 
	           your co-workers."  -- Ivan Brunetti

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