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Date:      Tue, 24 Jul 2007 15:28:23 -0400
From:      Tom Grove <>
Cc:        Ian Lord <>
Subject:   Re: Root access loggin
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Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> Tom Grove <> writes:
>> You could even go so far as to limit what he can use sudo on.
>> $>man sudo
>> Giving him full root access is probably not a good idea.
> In practice, this approach *is* effectively giving him full root
> access.  Once you have to give the tech the ability to edit root-owned
> files, you have to trust his honesty.  
Once any kind of local access is given to a user trust becomes an issue; 
regardless of root access or not.  By only allowing a certain set of 
commands there would still need to be a great deal of cracking to gain 
more access.  If one just gives out root access no more would need to be 
done.  This is where sudo is unlike root access.
> There are some important
> advantages to doing it through sudo, though: one is that it makes it
> easy for the user to keep track of just the root-privileged commands,
> and another is that it's easier for the user to avoid shooting himself
> in the foot.
Other advantages to sudo are not having to give out the root password.  
A possible solution may be using sudo and watch together.
> To watch everything done by the remote-connected tech, the most
> complete approach is probably watch(8), which is a much simpler way of
> getting everything typed on a particular tty.
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While I agree that any kind of raised privilege may not be the best 
idea, if it is necessary, sudo adds a layer of protection you do not get 
with straight root.


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