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Date:      Thu, 8 Feb 1996 23:35:09 -0800
To:        Nate Williams <>, "Jay L. West" <>
Subject:   Re: Several misc. questions on user mode PPP
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In-Reply-To: <27134221@toto.iv>

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Jay L. West queried:
 > 2) The link to my provider is started on boot. I'm using 'ppp -auto
 > providername' and then 'ping -c 1 ip.address' in /etc/netstart. The ping
 > times out before the connection is made, but it forces the startup (timeout
 > is 0 in ppp.config). This seems a bit kludgey; is there a more elegant or
 > standard way of starting a "dedicated" dialup link at boot time?

Nate Williams replied:
 % Not using iijppp.  You may want to get my 'ddial' patches to iijppp,
 % which cause it to always keep the link up, but they *require* the
 % stability patches above because it triggers some of the bugs it fixes.

I think he was just looking for a somewhat more elegant way to
starting the interface, as opposed to editing /etc/netstart, which is
now supposed to be sacrosanct.  Try the following:

In /etc/sysconfig, add your "tun0" device to the network_interfaces

	network_interfaces="ed0 lo0 tun0"

Now create a script called /etc/start_if.tun0 containing, i.e.:

	#! /bin/sh
	# Script to start ppp daemon in autodialer mode.
	# Wes Peters, 22 Jan 1996.
	echo "Starting PPP link to InteleNET on tun0:" > /dev/console
	ppp -auto intelenet

This will automagically bring up your interface, without hacking

 > 3) In /etc/sysconfig, I ifconfig lo0, ed0, and tun0.

 % iijPPP auto-configures tun0, so there isn't a need to do that.

Right.  If you use the start_if.interface file, make sure the entry
for the interface in sysconfig is set to "".

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