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Date:      Tue, 23 Oct 2001 21:53:27 EEST
From:      Maxim Sobolev <>
Subject:   Re: FreeBSD Port: evolution-0.13
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On Tue, 23 Oct 2001 20:32:12 +0200, Jan Stocker wrote:
> Did you ever tried to get evolution / nautilus or some other ports using
> bonobo/oaf to get run on a freebsd system. It compiles great but i cant
> start it. After hours of trying to get it run under FreeBSD 4.2 a time ago,
> i know tried to get evolution working on a plain system. The last time i did
> i found out that there was a big problem of resource location of those
> programs, they often dont know the "gnome" subdirectory.
> Now i took a fresh system. Installed only a minimal system from FreeBSD 4.4
> RELEASE boot-cd and extract the ports. Building evolution (0.13) which
> installed all the needed stuff. The problem is connecting to the bonobo db.
> I havent the time to get all the stuff working by myself. Pls take care
> distributing ports which never run on a system build on the other delivered
> ports. Maybe you set up some needed, special stuff to get it run.
> I would be very pleased if you can help me and the other people.

There was some long-standing problem with oaf, which prevented evolution
and some other "big" GNOME apps from functioning properly. Usually it
caused an application to freeze at the startup. The problem was fixed
recently (oaf-0.6.5_1 and later) and now evolution (0.14 and 0.15) works
to some extent on 4.4-stable (yes, it still unstable and crashes often,
but at least it starts up). Therefore, I would advise you to update
ports tree (see cvsup section in the Handbook on how to do it), delete
*all* old GNOME packages installed on your system and then rebuild/reinstall
them all from scratch. Chances are high that you will be able to get it


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