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Date:      Sun, 28 Dec 2003 10:50:57 -0500
From:      Brian Black <BlackBsd@Mountain.Net>
Subject:   RE: Dual Boot WinXP + FreeBSD
Message-ID:  <3FEEFBE1.3060103@Mountain.Net>

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Hi Julio,

	i have installed freebsd along side NTFS systems for some time now and 
they do work.  you need to make sure in /stand/sysinstall that u have 
your partitions, slices etc set up correctly,(I mean set up the way 
that u think is correct).  For Example, even though the XP slice that i 
have is the 3rd slice on my box(FreeBsd 5-Current, then RH9 Then WinXp) 
the device name for my xp slice still reads /dev/ad0s1.  Though this 
dont seem right it works, i thought that it should read /dev/ad0s3.

So to try and answer your questions.

1. Can I have another dual boot on my machine with XP (NTFS) and FreeBSD?

yes u can, remember that u can mount the xp slice for "READ" not 
"Write".  You can only read from the ntfs.  "man mount" for more 
(for people who wish to correct me, there are some way to write to the 
ntfs, i know but as a general rule dont write to this file system type.)

2. Where can I read more about the process of instalation to keep my XP 
partition alive?

u can read more in the handbook. if u do not tamper with your xp 
partition durring /stand/systinstall then the partition will not be 
bothered. (just remember what the device name is when you are using fips).

What boot loader are u planning on using?  i have tried 
BOOTMAGIC,FREEBSDs boot loader and also i have used grub (which is 
available in the ports).  With grub i was not able to boot fbsd when my 
fbsd slice was formated with ufs2.  this might have been fixed though.

have fun.

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