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Date:      Thu, 05 Jun 97 19:57:08 MDT
Subject:   how to `make release'?
Message-ID:  <>

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I just received the 2.2.1 CDROM set from Walnut Creek, and installed it
on a Pentium 100MHZ system.  I am trying to do a `make release', because
I would like to be able to make boot.flp.

How does one go about starting with CDROM's, do a fresh install, and
do a make release?

I assume there are several steps that are required.  Is there any
documentation of the `make release' process?

Here is what I have tried so far:

Do a minimal install of FreeBSD off the cdrom

set up a /usr/src tree that uses symlinks for `normal' files (in the
sense of the `find' utility) to point to files in /cdrom/usr/src.

do a `make world'  (this works great!)

make a new kernel with `vn' in it

reboot with this new kernel

go to /usr/src/release

edit the Makefile there

uncomment the `BUILDNAME=2.2-RELEASE' line

make a directory /usr/junk and make a symlink /junk that points to it
(since / is pretty small after a fresh install)

go to /usr/src/release

make release

I seem to be having lots of problems with `cvs'.  The first time I did
the above, the make died with an error message from cvs to the effect
that the option `-P' was invalid.  At this point I knew I was in trouble.
For the heck of it I edited the makefile, and removed the `-P' option
from every invocation of cvs.  I then tried the `make release' again.
This time, the make got to the line

cd /junk/release/usr && rm -rf src && cvs -d co -r RELENG_2_2 src

and I got the following error messages:

cvs RELENG_2_2: Sorry, you don't have sufficient access to co
cvs [RELENV_2_2 aborted]: co/CVSROOT: No such file or directory

Could someone explain the steps to do a `make release', or perhaps
point to a document that explains the process?  Or alternatively, if
there is an easy way to make the boot.flp file, could someone explain
how to do that?  (boot.flp is made at step release.8, and I am assuming
there are a lot of dependencies on release.[1-7], so I was trying to
do things in order.)

Thanks very much for any help,

Greg Johnson

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