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Date:      Sun, 13 Dec 2015 17:02:35 -0200
From:      Sergio de Almeida Lenzi <>
To:        Paul Stuffins <>
Subject:   Re: Migrating to FreeBSD from Debian
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Em Ter, 2015-12-08 às 19:46 +0000, Paul Stuffins escreveu:

> >
> > I'm looking for a maildir capable GUI mailclient for FreeBSD. My
> transition from Debian to FreeBSD is stuck in the middle for a year as
> I still have to use Devuan+TDE for my office work, not at least
> because of kmail. I know, KDE comes with a kind of kmail, but that
> does not fit the bill (akonadi + nepomik ... *shudder*).
> >
> > Nik
> Sorry, I can't help you there. I use Windows on the desktop and will
> be 
> moving to FreeBSD on my servers. 

If any of you wants a FULL functional FreeBSD desktop and server, You
can use My build.
it is a 1810 packages based on Mate
and is used for both server and desktop/notebooks... several companies
and people uses it

All you have to do is go or create a directory named /etc/pkg
inside, put only ONE ONE file named=matedesktop.conf
with the following information:
DIST64: {
  enabled: yes
this must be THE ONLY ONE FILE IN THE directory
than....  the command:   pkg install -y mate
installs about 1GB of the desktop fully usable....
if you do not have the "pkg" command, you can fetch on from => 
do not forget to create a NON ROOT ACCOUNT with known password and
within the group wheel,  and webcamd with the command= pw useradd user
-m -g wheel -G webcamd  -h 0
Enable the desktop with the command:
sysrc gnome_enable=YES

edit the file: /usr/local/etc/gdm/custom.conf
change the line 88 to===>  #0=inactive

Test if your X is working....  using   xinit

Reboot,  log into your new created user. customize the desktop...

If you have any needs, I can build anoter packages on demand...

remember:  ROOT USERS (uid=0) DO NOT LOG INTO the graphical interface..

You can choose the language to use in the login screen,
the keyboard and language is configure in the System -> preferences->

Some screenshots... =>

After install, and working, you can always update it with the command:
pkg upgrade -y using the ROOT ACCOUNT

The repositories are binary updated every week.


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