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Date:      Sun, 3 Dec 1995 13:59:36 -0700
From:      Nate Williams <>
To:        John Goerzen <>
Cc:        Michael Jamet <>,,
Subject:   Re: USR modem setup [ How to setup auto answer ]
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John Goerzen writes:
> > PS How do you ctl-alt-del from FreeBSD?
> NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use ctrl-alt-del from within any OS other than DOS.  
> That includes FreeBSD.  NEVER use ctrl-alt-del from within FreeBSD.
> To reboot, login as root and type:
> shutdown -r now
> Rebooting with ctrl-alt-del can corrupt your filesystems and cause data 
> loss.  Sorry for yelling, but this is a very important point.

BZZT.  Thanks for playing, but you're wrong.  <CTL><ALT><DEL> means
nothing to *any* OS unless the OS allows does something special with
that sequence of keys.  In FreeBSD, it used to mean absolutely nothing
until I added the ability for it to reboot the system in the same manner
as people were used to under DOS/Windows.

When you press <CTL><ALT><DEL> in FreeBSD you are basically doing the
same thing as a 'shutdown -h now'.

No disk corruption, no data loss.  Now, whether or not you think it's a
good thing to have is up to you, but you can safely do it under FreeBSD.

However, you can't do it inside of X unless you patch the X-Server to
pass the keystrokes to the kernel, which is actually a pretty trivial
patch, but it isn't done by default.

Read the man pages on syscons, kbdmap, and kbdcontrol for more information.


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