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Date:      Mon, 18 Sep 1995 18:45:15 +0900
From:      Toshihiro Kanda <>
To:        Angelo Turetta <>
Cc:        freebsd-questions <>
Subject:   Re: Boot from floppy
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> I'm running Windows 95 e NT 3.51 on a PC at work where I've installed also 
> FreeBSD 2.0.5 for my personal use.
> 2.0.5 is on wd1s3: now I boot using the installation BOOT floppy and then I 
> specify wd(1,a)/kernel by hand.
> How can I format a floppy which defaults to wd1a for loading kernel ?
> Thanks.
> Angelo Turetta
> Stylo Multimedia - Bologna - ITALY

Quoting from /usr/share/FAQ/Text/TROUBLESHOOTING:

		    This will ensure that you really boot from the second
		    drive.  If you've actually installed on a drive other
		    than 1 (the 3rd or 4th drive?), substitute that number
		    in for the above.  You will need to enter this EVERY
		    time you reboot from the hard disk.  If you're feeling
		    brave and have a srcdist + the requisite experience,
		    you can hack the boot blocks in:


		    So that this drive you're booting from is hard-coded.
		    Recompile the boot blocks and reinstall them on your
		    drive with `disklabel -B ...'  You can then have the
		    default Do The Right Thing.

And here's a part from my boot.c which boots from /dev/sd0a.  You can
format a floppy by fdformat(1).

	* As a default set it to the first partition of the boot	*
	* floppy or hard drive						*
	* Define BOOT_HT to boot sd0 when wd0 is also installed		*
	part = 0;
	unit = drive & 0x7f;
#ifdef	BOOT_SD
	maj = 4; /* { "wd", "hd", "fd", "wt", "sd", 0 }; */
	maj = (drive&0x80 ? 0 : 2);		/* a good first bet */

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