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Date:      Thu, 10 Dec 2015 15:02:12 +0000
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** Now on The Art of Commerce: Fershleiser talks industry sexism=2C her br=
aintrust=2C self-fulfilling reading cycles & more

AL: It seems (to me at least)=2C that there are two narratives about women=
 writers and they are (somewhat) contradictory. The first is that debut wo=
men novelists have a harder time breaking into the industry than their mal=
e counterparts. The second is that the new crop of writers (especially lit=
erary fiction writers) are more female than male. Do you agree with either=
 of these statements?

RF: I don't think I do? I certainly think there's an immense amount of sex=
ism in the industry still. And maybe the nuance I'm losing in your wording=
 is what "breaking in" means. I don't think women don't get book deals or=
 don't sell=2C necessarily. I think that books by and about women don't ge=
t treated with the same seriousness as similar books by and about men. Or=
 win awards as often=2C or get talked about in the same terms.

AL: That's an interesting point of nuance you bring up. In what other ways=
 do you find sexism in the industry?

RF: The number of dudes who touched my leg at "professional" drinks=2C I g=
uess. But look=2C this is a great fucking year! Lauren Groff! Hanya Yanigi=
hara! Angela Flournoy!

** Now on exclusive excerpts: I Have To Tell You by Victoria Hetherington

"And as the sun sets we gulp back our drinks=2C slop out more=2C and wipe=
 our mouths and start sipping again=2C the three of us=2C and as I drink o=
ne more plastic glass of my tart sun-heated wine and I feel a tiny gasp of=
 my life leave me as I light a cigarette=2C as we=E2=80=99re talking about=
 office dynamics=2C as the day passes into gray evening all the while =E2=
=80=93 I feel such joy. Such sick excitement.
Because I feel my life pulsing around with my heart and my swallowing=2C b=
ut it=E2=80=99s pulsing outward=2C it=E2=80=99s leaving me slowly=2C as my=
 body oxidizes=2C as I =E2=80=93 drunk and stern and briefly in the bathro=
om =E2=80=93 quickly examine the wrinkles around my mouth and the dullness=
 around my eyes=2C and come out again=2C settling in the warmer outdoors=
=2C the clean up-high air. It is passing and this is exciting=2C it is pas=
sing and through this passing I will pass on to something new=2C I will cr=
eate new things=2C meet and bond with new people=2C and become a better pe=
rson=2C fix myself=2C but this passing is required =E2=80=93 until there=
=E2=80=99s nothing left to pass."

** Now from the stacks: The Sleepworker by Cyrille Martinez

John is a poet. Only John almost never writes poems=2C because he is also=
 unemployed. He lives with four friends=2C and they squat in a loft in New=
 York New York=2C a fantastical city that resembles the Big Apple=2C but a=
lso any other city where artists live. They throw fabulous parties and pra=
ctice group sodomy. That is=2C until John meets Andy.

Andy is an artist. Well=2C he is if you define art as something that peopl=
e don't want but the artist wants to give them anyway. A gallery owner wit=
h Tourette syndrome "discovers" his work and Andy is on his way to being f=
amous. John=2C on the other hand=2C is hard at work at being unemployed=2C=
 drinking all night and sleeping all day=E2=80=94which leaves him very lit=
tle time for writing poems. Andy=2C watching him sleep=2C has an intriguin=
g idea for a piece of art that he thinks will allow John to get paid for w=
hat he does best.

Using the story of Andy Warhol and John Giorno and their film Sleep as a s=
tarting point=2C The Sleepworker reads like a Warhol film on fast-forward.

As always=E2=80=94spread the good words (below).
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Subject: gcc5-devel question
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I just did a 'pkg upgrade -y' when I noticed upgraded LibGL available. I 
was hoping it might include static versions of libGL/GLU/GLw, but no 
such luck. However, pkg did reinstall gcc5-devel-5.2.1.s20151124 due to 
changed options. I cd'ed to /usr/ports/lang/gcc5-devel & poked around a 
bit. I saw no files or directories dated today, the latest was dated Dec 
02, the last time I upgraded & did a 'make install'. I did a find in 
/usr/ports & /usr/ports/lang/gcc5-devel was all there was. Did the 
compiler indeed get reinstalled ? If so, where :-) ?

Also, when I did a 'make showconfig', it showed graphite support ready 
to go (*yippeeee*, kudos), but no executable that I could locate on 
short notice. Do I still need to compile it up, or is there an 
executable ready to go somewhere not-so-obvious to me :-) ?

When I last compiled it up last week, I did a 'make install 
FORCE_PKG_REGISTER=1' which overwrote /usr/local/bin/gcc5 (not a huge 
issue, but still ....), how do I tell it to install the executable under 
a different name ? BTW, I am *NOT* particularly familiar w/ the 'GNU 
way', so pardon me if this is a bit noobish :-/ .... TIA & have a good one.


	William A. Mahaffey III


	"The M1 Garand is without doubt the finest implement of war
	 ever devised by man."
                            -- Gen. George S. Patton Jr.

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