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Date:      Sun, 24 Nov 1996 22:18:30 +0000
From:      David Hedley <>
Subject:   broken NIS code in
Message-ID:  <9185.848873910@maxx>

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Hi there,

I've just upgraded my system from 2.1.0-RELEASE to 2.1.6-RELEASE (I did
a complete reinstall), and I have noticed that the new C library seems
to have broken NIS support. The symptoms are as follows: ypbind binds
properly and I can ypcat etc no problem. Also 'ls' and friends have no
problem converting UIDs to usernames via the NIS maps. However, programs
like login, finger etc refuse to use NIS when looking up usernames, and
hence noone in the NIS database can log in!

After switching to, 'finger' worked fine (apart from the warnings about incorrect version numbers).

Is there some cunning option I have to enable in 2.1.6 that I've missed,
or is the code truely broken? Does anyone have a (temporary) solution?

 David Hedley (
 finger for PGP key
 Computer Graphics Group | University of Bristol | UK                      

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