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Date:      13 Mar 95 08:43:43 EST
From:      Eric Solberg <>
To:        "FreeBSD 2.0: Questions" <>
Subject:   Re: I/O devices; mouse
Message-ID:  <950313134342_555063.0_EHF34-1@CompuServe.COM>

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Thanks to all who sent responses to my questions.
Everything is now working great (well, almost, my
video card is not supported I only
have vga).

Also, the DOS partitions that I did not do
anything to while in fdisk or with disklabel aren't
accessible.  I've lost the ability to boot DOS!  This
is very important to me so I can help my mom with her
programming classes(long distance).  I don't want to
have to re-install again if I don't have to.  Both the
FreeBSD 2.0 "/" partition (slice) and the primary DOS
partition are on one disk.  The rest of FreeBSD 2.0 is
on the second drive.   Disklabel recognizes the
Primary DOS partition but not the extended DOS

Can anyone make a suggestion as to what steps I
might take to fix my problem?

How do I get the boot manager to recognize another
OS when it is added to the system?

Thanks in advance,
Eric Solberg

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