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Date:      Mon, 05 Dec 2005 23:12:30 +0100
From:      Jorn Argelo <>
To:        Kiffin Gish <>
Cc:, 'Kris Anderson' <>
Subject:   Re: How often portupgrades?
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <000201c5f9e3$df44fd20$2101a8c0@ZGISH>
References:  <000201c5f9e3$df44fd20$2101a8c0@ZGISH>

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Kiffin Gish wrote:

>Yes, I believe that using portaudit as a kind of pre-selection tool for
>filtering out important updates is a good way of doing things.
>Do a cronjob every week or so and see what it has to say.
>Thanks a lot.
If you install portaudit, it shall be run every night during your daily 
run output generated by the standard cron jobs. Personally I'm not too 
fond of upgrading to the latest version immediately. Though this is all 
right for most environments, I'm always careful with upgrading my mail 
environment, especially amavisd. Generally I don't run portupgrade 
often; I run it once there has been some serious exploit found. Perhaps 
I should run portupgrade more often, but I don't really do it.

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