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Date:      Sat, 06 Sep 2003 22:06:58 +0200
From:      "Ivo Vachkov" <>
Subject:   Re: Burst
Message-ID:  <>

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Obviously I've understood terms wrong.

When I said "burst" I was thinking of limitting the speed of active connection when some conditions apply.

Example: ISP has 10Mbps connection to internet and every user/client has 1Mbps pipe to Internet. So every user has fast browsing, mail, news, ICQ/AIM/etc. But when a user tries to download a big file (.ISO/.AVI/.MPG) the connection, even active, is limitted to 64kbps whithout limitting other connections. So his download keeps running at low speed, while browsing/mail/etc is still fast. The software applies limits when some numbers of bytes passed throught the connection.

NB!!! Other connections are NOT shaped until they reach the predefined condition. They became shaped only after that.

My "workaround" is as follows:
    ipfw add divert 8670 ip from any to $CLIENT_IP
+ a daemon called *burstd* which binds to diverted port 8670, conunts the bytes for every connection to that IP and apply the limits when predefinied byte count is exceeded. It's far away from perfect, although quite accurate, so I was asking for another way to implement a solution to this situation.

        Ivo Vachkov
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