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Date:      Wed, 26 Jan 2011 20:43:05 +0530
From:      Subhro Kar <>
To:        Don O'Neil <>
Subject:   Re: Best RAID setup
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On 26-Jan-2011, at 6:26 AM, Don O'Neil wrote:

> I'm getting ready to setup a new FreeBSD 8.1 64 bit server and wanted =
> know everyone's thoughts on which way to go. software RAID 5 (or 10) =
> hardware RAID 5 (or 10).

If you need to select between software and hardware RAID, then by all =
means go for hardware RAID. RAID 10 is always faster than RAID5 and the =
difference really stands out when writing data.

> I currently have a 3Ware card in one of my servers
> and it works great, but I haven't really been keeping up on what the =
> RAID support is.

All RAID cards (that I have come across) support both RAID 10 and RAID5. =
So there is a fair chance that your card will not disappoint you.
> How is the ZFS support these days? Is it production ready?

ZFS is fine. I use it on my prod boxes and so far there have been no =

> What about hardware RAID, is there a compatibility list somewhere with =
> hardware (or pseudo hardware) RAID controllers are supported?=20

Didn't get this question though.

> I'm just looking for the most stable, and production ready RAID that =
> handle at least 1 TB disks and create volumes in the 3-4 TB range. Any
> thoughts, feedback, caveats, etc. are welcomed.

You need to RTFM.

Subhro Kar
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