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Date:      Wed, 16 Jan 2008 20:19:08 +0100
From:      Kris Kennaway <>
To:        Joseph Yeager <>
Subject:   Re: FreeBSD 6.2 Frequent Lockups
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Joseph Yeager wrote:
> Hello,
>      I'm experiencing daily lockups on a FreeBSD 6.2 machine thats currently
> being used as a gateway for a local church school.  I have installed and/or
> configured the following services which are running on it right now: Quagga
> (only using the Zebra daemon), DHCP (via the isc-dhcp3-server port), BIND,
> and PF.  Everything runs as expected except for the fact that the machine
> will completely freeze (console included) quite often.  Its recently gotten
> as bad as freezing every 3-5 hours.  I don't have any custom cron jobs
> running and the only job I see that operates at that frequency is daily
> maintenance.  Thinking it could be a heat problem originating from sitting
> on top of a switch, I put a few blocks under and now it runs a good bit
> cooler.  Last night, I had the windows open and it never got hotter then
> luke warm and I witnessed, first hand, it completely freeze for no apparent
> reason.  Despite that seemingly pointing to it NOT being a heat problem,
> I'll be moving it to a shelf by itself.  I will also be swapping out the RAM
> in a few hours when I get up there to see if that is the problem, but I
> still have a feeling (after reading other similar problems like this) that
> that may not be the answer.  I have a similar setup running at my home which
> uses the exact same motherboard but different RAM and HD.  The only
> difference on my home router is that I have split horizon DNS setup for my
> domain and am using IPFW as opposed to PF.  My home router has been rock
> solid every since I got it (several months ago) and my email and webserver,
> which both run FreeBSD 6.2, have never been down except for extended power
> outages.  I will update you on how the RAM swap goes, but if there are any
> other suggestions you have I would greatly appreciate it.


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