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Date:      Fri, 09 Feb 1996 12:46:13 -0500
From:      Jerry Alexandratos <>
Subject:   Help With BS vs DEL
Message-ID:   <>

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I've got my keyboard mapped to send DEL as the erase character.  This
doesn't cause any problems and behaves the way I want it to.  However,
when I use Linux Netscrape, it doesn't delete backwards, only the
character the cursor is under.

It looks as though Linux's version has ^H hardcoded as the
backspace/erase character.  I know I could use xmodmap to swith the
keys around.  However, this isn't a good solution because while it
solve the problems for Netscape, it changes around the rest of my

So, does anyone out there know of a way I can change this around
without me haveing to muck up the rest of my setup?

Thanks in advance.


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