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Date:      Mon, 26 Jan 2009 16:02:05 +0100
From:      n j <>
Subject:   Re: KDE: What a monster!
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Linus Torvalds on KDE4...

Q: Another open source project that underwent a big change was KDE
with version 4.0. They released a lot of fundamental architectural
changes with 4.0 and it received some negative reviews. As a KDE user
how has this impacted you?

A: I used to be a KDE user. I thought KDE 4.0 was such a disaster I
switched to GNOME. I hate the fact that my right button doesn't do
what I want it to do. But the whole "break everything" model is
painful for users and they can choose to use something else.

I realise the reason for the 4.0 release, but I think they did it
badly. They did so many changes it was a half-baked release. It may
turn out to be the right decision in the end and I will re-try KDE,
but I suspect I'm not the only person they lost.

I got the update through Fedora and there was a mismatch from KDE 3 to
KDE 4.0. The desktop was not as functional and it was just a bad
experience for me. I'll revisit it when I reinstall the next machine
which tends to be every six to eight months.

The GNOME people are talking about doing major surgery so it could
also go the other way.

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