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Date:      Sun, 04 Sep 2011 15:44:45 -0600
From:      Brett Glass <>
To:        Johan Hendriks <>
Subject:   Re: Cutting sendmail out of the loop
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Actually, since the system I'm building is meant to be very secure 
and appliance-like, it doesn't ever need to get mail "out of the 
system." And it has limited memory, so it shouldn't be running a 
mail daemon. At most, it needs a mail system that can ONLY mail 
locally, solely for the purpose of satisfying programs that want to 
send users status via mail. (The mail files will be trimmed by 
newsyslog, so they can't consume infinite space.) Even the 
Dragonfly mail daemon would be overkill.

I've tried putting mail.local(8) in as the "sendmail" program in 
mailer.conf, but it turns out that there are problems with command 
line options. Not only doesn't mail.local(8) understand all of the 
fancy options that Sendmail accepts; it doesn't even understand 
some of the simpler ones that are emitted by mail(8)! For example, 
mail(8) uses the -i option when invoking sendmail, to keep it from 
treating lines with just a dot as an end of file marker. 
mail.local(8) doesn't even have that "feature;" it always waits for 
EOF. So, it doesn't have that command line option and balks if you include it.

I'm thinking that a simple wrapper around mail.local(8) that 
processed the command line options (Has anyone written one? I find 
it hard to believe that no one has) would allow mail.local to serve 
as a local mailer and bypass sendmail(8). If someone handed it an 
address with an "@" (or, for that matter, anything else that wasn't 
the name of a local user), mail.local(8) would just reject it.

--Brett Glass

At 02:35 PM 9/4/2011, Johan Hendriks wrote:

>Maybe ssmtp is something you can use.
>It is in ports, it does get mail out of the system.
>I use it on all of my servers so i can receive the cron mails and so on.
>Personaly i think sendmail should be replaced by such small mailer.
>Also Dragonfly has removed Sendmail for there own small and clean 
>mailer called DMA.
>DMA - DragonFly Mail Agent
>Johan Hendriks
>Double L
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