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Date:      Thu, 03 Jul 1997 10:41:46 -0400 (EDT)
From: (Jeffrey M. Metcalf)
Subject:   Additional question on CVSup
Message-ID:  <>

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I have a question concerning the use of CVSup.  I read the Handbook
entry and could not glean the information from what was there to
answer my question.  Here's what I would like to do, and it seems
that CVSup is the way to go.

I currently have all of the sources for FreeBSD-2.2.1, and I would
like to update the source tree to FreeBSD-2.2.2.  I have never used
CVSup before so I am concerned with the following dialog from the 
FreeBSD Handbook:

> Where should cvsup maintain its status files? 
>     The cvsup client maintains certain status files in what is called 
>     the "base" directory. These files help CVSup to work more
>     efficiently, by keeping track of which updates you have already 
>     received. We will use the standard base directory, "/usr/local/etc/cvsup":
>       *default base=/usr/local/etc/cvsup
>     This setting is used by default if it is not specified in the supfile, 
>     so we actually do not need the above line.
>     If your base directory does not already exist, now would be a good time 
>     to create it. The cvsup client will refuse to run if the base directory 
>     does not exist.

I don't want to have to download all of the sources (for the first time) just
for CVSup to create the status files in the /usr/local/etc/cvsup directory.

Is there a way that I can manually tell CVSup that I already have the CDROM 
sources for the 2.2.1-RELEASE, and I only want those files that have changed 
in the 2.2.2-RELEASE (or any other release for that matter)?  Of course once 
this is done the first time, CVSup takes over automatically with respect to
the status files.

Thank you for any suggestions in advance,


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