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Date:      Fri, 2 Dec 2011 13:19:19 -0500
From:      William Bulley <>
To:        Koop Mast <>
Cc:,, Robert Bonomi <>
Subject:   Re: failure building www/webkit-gtk2 on 8.2-STABLE
Message-ID:  <>

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According to Koop Mast <> on Fri, 12/02/11 at 07:03:
> Can you check if you got the video option selected? "make config" if you 
> haven't, please select it and do a "make clean"  before trying to build it.

Excellent advice!!!  Thank you very much!  Looks like -questions comes
through again.  You folks are wonderful.   :-)

Now for some questions and issues to resolve this once and for all.

How could I have possibly known that this option (WITH_VIDEO=yes) was
required?  I looked back at when I last built www/webkit-gtk2 and that
was here:

   -rw-r--r--  0 root   wheel     215 Jan 19  2010 webkit/options

In that file I found:


So about a year ago www/webkit-gtk2 built just fine WITHOUT the video
option.  What changed?  I checked and there is no match (using grep) in
the /usr/ports/UPDATING file (whose first entry dates from 20080108):

   % grep -i webkit /usr/ports/UPDATING

So I wouldn't have found anything there.  I see in the Makefile that
WITH_VIDEO has a default of "on".  That must not have been the case a
year ago.  Should I blame the www/xxxterm for having a dependency on
www/webkit-gtk2?  During the attempted build of www/xxxterm I was not
asked for any options for www/webkit-gtk2 since I had a previous file
/var/db/ports/webkit/options from back about a year ago.  This is now
a moot point, since the port did build correctly with this change
(thanks again!), but for completeness sake and for my own sanity, how
would I have been able to avoid this problem?  Thanks.  :-)



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