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Date:      Thu, 28 Sep 2006 10:01:26 +1000
From:      "Murray Taylor" <>
To:        "Damian Wiest" <>, "Anton Shterenlikht" <>
Cc:        George Allan <>,
Subject:   RE: pdf editor
Message-ID:  <04E232FDCD9FBE43857F7066CAD3C0F11EF6E9@svmailmel.bytecraft.internal>

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> [] On Behalf Of Damian Wiest
> Sent: Thursday, 28 September 2006 3:33 AM
> To: Anton Shterenlikht
> Cc: George Allan;
> Subject: Re: pdf editor
> On Wed, Sep 27, 2006 at 02:14:03PM +0100, Anton Shterenlikht wrote:
> > > Maybe it's time to reconsider the nature of that itch?  PDF was=20
> > > never meant to be edited (except peripherally), and most=20
> definitely=20
> > > not in the sense that you're thinking.  Consider it a=20
> FINAL "print"=20
> > > format, like an image that's long since left the=20
> photographer, his=20
> > > studio and his camera and now exists only as a JPG on a=20
> hard drive.
> > > =20
> >=20
> > Agreed. But what if I'm writing a paper for a scientific journal in=20
> > latex on my freebsd and my coauthors just can't be persuaded to use=20
> > anything that's not already exist on their windows PCs? I find the=20
> > results of latex2html or latex2rtf of poor quality (even=20
> for editing=20
> > purposes), i.e. lots of errors, problems with references,=20
> etc. Maybe I=20
> > need to learn how to use these tools better.
> >=20
> > Lately I was sending them pdfs and got in reply some pdfs that can=20
> > only be viewed properly with the latest acrobat, and their comments=20
> > are only visible on the screen anyway and cannot at all be printed.
> >=20
> > So what do I do? More broadly, what is the solution for cross-=20
> > platform (*nix - windows - vms) editing of a complex document, with=20
> > lots of maths, line plots and raster images?
> >=20
> > anton
> Agree on a document format?
> -Damian

Use the minimalist elements of latex as a 'document markup',=20
and write in wordpad on the windows box as that seems to understand
explain to them the concept of 'getting the content right first' _and
doing the fussy layout. And put all the images, and plots into jpegs=20
'for discussion' during the writing process, with appropriate document

Just gotta come up with a way to do the maths in a common format (again
'em latex, by showing them the difference if the finished product a few
for some complex equation/theorem/lemma etc)

lotsa luck!

BTW I have had these 'discussion' before and another argument is disk
I had a writer generate over 15Gb of documents in all the initial.=20
'required to be held' intermediate formats and finals forms.=20
along with the humungous hi res screen grabs....=20

My versions fitted on a DVD. A Makefile, the latex source, and realistic
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