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Date:      Sat, 27 Aug 2011 00:06:02 -0500
From:      Adam Vande More <>
To:        Warren Block <>
Subject:   Re: glabel, gmirror, and gpart
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On Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 11:04 PM, Warren Block <> wrote:

> So it's cosmetic, but not really the kind of message that instills
> confidence.  gptboot needs to be able to tell if it's reading from a
> gmirror.  Or gmirror should provide one block less than it does, so it
> doesn't overwrite the GPT backup.

I would sort of agree with the latter although I'm afraid of what I don't
know.  One example is that in a transparent vs hardcoded gmirror, the -1
would have to apply to both to allow "gmirror configure" to continue to work
without accidentally destroying something.

While we're on the topic of desired gmirror changes I'd like an easier
method to "right-size" a mirror so that mirroring similar sized hard drives
from different manufacturers doesn't create an Uff Da when the number of
bytes isn't consistent.  You can do this with gnop, but that requires extra

Adam Vande More

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