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Date:      Fri, 08 Nov 96 14:16:00 PST
From:      Robert Clark <ROBERTC@PII.COM>
To:        "'freebsd-questions'" <freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   RE:RE: Sharing directories without rebooting
Message-ID:  <3283B164@smtp>

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     (I'm fairly new to UNIX)
     Is the;

     nfsd -u -t 4

     method better than

     ps -as | grep mountd
     kill -HUP mountd's pid

                    Thanks, [RC]
From: owner-freebsd-questions
To: kurt
Cc: freebsd-questions
Subject: Re: Sharing directories without rebooting
Date: Friday, November 08, 1996 2:57PM

In a previous message, Kurt Schafer said:
> I want to share a directory with two other machines on the network.
> (all FreeBSD 2.1.5R)
> I've added the required line to the /etc/exports file, but would like to
> simply export the new share without rebooting the system. Likewise the 
> machines have the filesystem listed in /etc/fstab. (but if the directory 
> shared, I know how to mount them from the command line)
> What is the command line syntax to make a directory mountable by other
> machines ?

nfsd -u -t 4

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