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Date:      Fri, 16 Aug 2002 09:03:08 -0400
From:      "Charles Swiger" <>
To:        <freebsd-stable@FreeBSD.ORG>
Cc:        "Jim Frost" <>
Subject:   Re: FreeBSD 4.6 rl0 and xl0 watchdog timeout problems (and solution)
Message-ID:  <00cd01c24526$8c6ea350$0301a8c0@prime>
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From: "Jim Frost" <>
[ ... ]
> That's fine with me, but there should be a way to /tell/ the installer
> that you want to select (and de-select) them all.  Tediously selecting
> hundreds upon hundreds of checkboxes individually is ridiculous.  In
> comparison to every other installer I've used in the last five or six
> years this one is quite primitive, and irritatingly so.

Hi, Jim--

It's not entirely clear that you want to hear that there were easier ways of
installing everything (or some other high-level choice), but there were.
Try performing a custom installation, which lets you select from the
following distribution types:

x As a convenience, we provide several "canned" distribution sets.
x These select what we consider to be the most reasonable defaults for the
x type of system in question.  If you would prefer to pick and choose the
x list of distributions yourself, simply select "Custom".  You can also
x pick a canned distribution set and then fine-tune it with the Custom item.

    All                 All system sources, binaries and X Window System
    Reset               Reset selected distribution list to nothing
[ ] 4 Developer         Full sources, binaries and doc but no games
[ ] 5 X-Developer       Same as above + X Window System
[ ] 6 Kern-Developer    Full binaries and doc, kernel sources only
[ ] 7 X-Kern-Developer  Same as above + X Window System
[ ] 8 User              Average user - binaries and doc only
[ ] 9 X-User            Same as above + X Window System
[ ] A Minimal           The smallest configuration possible
> > B Custom            Specify your own distribution set

You should also take a look in /usr/ports.  Try building something that has
a lot of dependencies (ie, something you previously had to scour the net to
hunt down a half-dozen libraries that the software expects to use).

As for configuring X, FreeBSD uses XFree86 (v4.2.0, IIRC), just like Linux
does.  One difference is that many companies have released Linux drivers,
but not *BSD ones, so there is some difference in 3D hardware acceleration
support for OpenGL, but any reasonable video card should implement VESA
modes which will at least be functional under X for normal (2D) stuff.


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