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Date:      Sat, 03 Dec 2011 05:56:49 -0600
From:      CyberLeo Kitsana <>
To:        APseudoUtopia <>
Subject:   Re: ZFS Filesystems wont auto-mount on boot
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On 12/03/2011 12:28 AM, APseudoUtopia wrote:
> Hello,
> I followed a couple tutorials I found through google to setup RAID-Z1
> on root on FreeBSD 9.0-RC2. Everything works well, except it always
> drops me into a recovery shell on boot. I'm forced to run `zfs mount
> -a` to get all my data visible. Here's the boot log:
> Trying to mount root from zfs:root []...
> Dec 3 01:23:07 init: login_getclass: unknown class `daemon`
> cannot open /etc/rc: No such file or directory

You did not provide a list of your filesystems, so this is just a guess,
but I'd say that, judging by this error, you have /etc on a separate

At least /bin, /sbin, /lib, /libexec, and /etc must be on your root
filesystem for the boot process to function, since the system bootstrap
(/etc/rc et alia) resides in /etc and uses components in the other
listed directories; it is the system bootstrap which automounts your ZFS
filesystems on boot (zfs_enable).

> Enter full pathname of shell or RETURN for /bin/sh:
> I then hit return, then run `zfs mount -a` to mount all my zfs filesystems.
> How can I have zfs automount these filesystems on boot so that the
> system can continue booting without being interrupted?

Fuzzy love,
Technical Administrator
CyberLeo.Net Webhosting

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