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Date:      Thu, 9 Feb 2012 17:31:04 +0400
From:      Dmitry Vasilyev <>
Subject:   lost network connections
Message-ID:  <>

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Hello, Questions.

FreeBD 9.0-RELEASE FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE #0: Tue Jan 3 07:15:25 UTC 2012 root= i386

When replacing the MTA if you disable sendmail to rc.conf file after adding=
 the lines:


lost all network connections to any local port IP4, but if you go locally a=
s root and execute the command ping any IP network, all connections are res=

tried to just install the system in a minimal install and add
disable sendmail in rc.conf result is the same - the decline of network
Connection to a local reference to it such as ping, now in
ports installed on the system:

apache                              =3D
apr-devrandom-gdbm-db42             =3D
autoconf                            =3D
autoconf-wrapper                    =3D
automake                            =3D
automake-wrapper                    =3D
bash                                =3D
bigreqsproto                        =3D
bison                               =3D
cmake                               =3D
db41                                =3D
db42                                =3D
dovecot                             =3D
expat                               =3D
freetype2                           =3D
gawk                                =3D
gdbm                                =3D
gettext                             =3D
gmake                               =3D
help2man                            =3D
inputproto                          =3D
jpeg                                =3D
kbproto                             =3D
libICE                              =3D
libSM                               =3D
libX11                              =3D
libXau                              =3D
libXaw                              =3D
libXdmcp                            =3D
libXext                             =3D
libXmu                              =3D
libXp                               =3D
libXpm                              =3D
libXt                               =3D
libcheck                            =3D
libgcrypt                           =3D
libgpg-error                        =3D
libiconv                            =3D
libltdl                             =3D
libmcrypt                           =3D
libpthread-stubs                    =3D
libsigsegv                          =3D
libtool                             =3D
libxcb                              =3D
libxml2                             =3D
libxslt                             =3D
m4                                  =3D
mc-light                            =3D
mysql-client                        =3D
mysql-server                        =3D
oniguruma                           =3D
p5-Locale-gettext                   =3D
pcre                                =3D
perl                                =3D
php5                                =3D
php5-ctype                          =3D
php5-dom                            =3D
php5-extensions                     =3D
php5-filter                         =3D
php5-gd                             =3D
php5-gettext                        =3D
php5-hash                           =3D
php5-iconv                          =3D
php5-json                           =3D
php5-mbstring                       =3D
php5-mcrypt                         =3D
php5-mysql                          =3D
php5-mysqli                         =3D
php5-openssl                        =3D
php5-pdo                            =3D
php5-pdo_sqlite                     =3D
php5-phar                           =3D
php5-posix                          =3D
php5-session                        =3D
php5-simplexml                      =3D
php5-tokenizer                      =3D
php5-xml                            =3D
php5-xmlreader                      =3D
php5-xmlrpc                         =3D
php5-xmlwriter                      =3D
php5-zip                            =3D
php5-zlib                           =3D
pkg-config                          =3D
png                                 =3D
portupgrade                         =3D
postfix                             =3D
postfixadmin                        =3D
printproto                          =3D
proftpd                             =3D
proftpd-mod_sql_mysql               =3D
python27                            =3D
ruby                                =3D
ruby18-bdb                          =3D
sqlite3                             =3D
t1lib                               =3D
tcl                                 =3D
tcl-modules                         =3D
unzip                               =3D
xcb-proto                           =3D
xcmiscproto                         =3D
xextproto                           =3D
xf86bigfontproto                    =3D
xorg-macros                         =3D
xproto                              =3D
xtrans                              =3D

=D1 =F3=E2=E0=E6=E5=ED=E8=E5=EC,

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