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Date:      Sat, 9 Dec 1995 16:42:43 +1100
From:      Mark Hannon <>
Subject:   Re: GENERIC won't compile on 2.1-Release ???
Message-ID:  <>

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In article <> you wrote:

: I didn't do a make world since I used the install program to upgrade
: 205 to 210 including: bin, compat1x, compat20, des, manpages, xf86312.

I vaguely remember a similar problem to this.  I also used the upgrade
procedure to install new kernel sources.  There are two problems
with this:-

 (1) The matcd driver has been moved around a bit and the filenames are
     not all the same.  This means that after upgrading you still have
     some of the old files lying around.  This seems to stuff things up.
     If you clean /sys and then untar the sources you should get around
     this problem.  If this doesn't help.....
 (2) The config options for matcd have changed...  It is now declared as
     controller      matcd0  at isa? port 0x230 bio

     If you are trying to reuse your 2.0.5 config file then this could also
     be a problem.

: I installed src/ssys.* by hand like I've always done it:

: 	cat ssys.* | (cd /sys ; tar xzf - )

: ( /sys is a symlink to /usr/src/sys )

: > > 
: > > Something strange indeed.  I've upgraded my 205 box to 210 and
: > > couldnt get my kernel to recompile (died in matcd). Hmm, probably 
: > > bad ssys.* file, so I re-get them and same problem.  Ok, something is 
: > > funky with my config file or something has changed in 2.1. Lets just 
: > > compile GENERIC to make sure.  Sure enough it dies in matcd.
: > > 

Hope this helps.  The problem with old files lying around is also an issue
in /usr/lib.  There seem to be a number of old versions of the shared libs
hanging around but I haven't had the energy to go and clean them out yet.
Guess they don't hurt but my /usr is now over 100% full so it is probably
worth reclaming the disk space.


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