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Date:      Fri, 25 Oct 1996 14:06:08 -0400
From: (Lu, Mark)
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Subject:   RE: Diskless NetBSD kernel
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ok, i have found the DISKLESS kernel config file in the conf directory, and
it configures the rootto go over nfs.

Has anyone tried using the FreeBSD DOS program to Diskless boot 
NetBSD kernel?  I will be trying this from an AIX 3.2 BOOTP and TFTP server.
Will it work?
From: Lu, Mark
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Subject: Diskless NetBSD kernel
Date: Friday, October 25, 1996 1:24PM

is there a config file option for Diskless kernel?
or are there makefile and code change instructions somewhere,
if there are indeed difference between a Diskless NetBSD kernel
and a regular one.....What are these differences?


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