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Date:      Sun, 25 Nov 2012 13:32:25 +0100
From:      "Lucas B. Cohen" <>
Subject:   Re: Manually partitioning using gpart
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On 2012.11.25 12:26, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> Here I already don't understand how large the swap should be. Really 2 *
> size of the RAM?
It depends on use patterns and the amount of RAM in your computer. 1.5*
to 2* installed memory is a traditional "works for most" value, but I
feel it's outdated for 64-bit machines with 8 GB or more.

> I also don't know if 256k is a sane alignment value, I just copied this
> from a howto.
If you're using a single, not too recent-and-huge hard drive, 512 bits
(that is, no alignment) is fine.
If you have an Advanced Format Drive or you don't know if you do, use 4k.
If you have an underlying RAID array, 256k is a better choice.
If it's an SSD, go with 4 MB to avoid taking any chances with
performance over time.

> How to continue after this is done?
Once you're satisfied with your partition organization, the easiest is
to restart bsdinstall, dd your new partition table somewhere safe (flash
drive, or network drive), use the (n?)curses UI to designate the target
partitions to install to, and go on with the installation to install the

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