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Date:      Sat, 28 Nov 1998 15:04:07 +0100
From:      "José Mª Alcaide" <>
To:        Jason Nordwick <>
Cc:        freebsd-current@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: System hangs when I start X-3.3.3
Message-ID:  <>
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Jason Nordwick wrote:
> I just downloaded a 3.0-SNAP and then when I saw X-3.3.3 come out, I
> immediately downloaded a new ports tree.  It builds and installs fine, but
> when I type 'startx' the monitor changes video modes and then just remains
> black.  I can't switch to any other consoles or hit C-A-BS or C-A-DEL.  The
> system appears to totally freeze.  I tried with different mouse protocols
> and a different video can setting (I have a 4M-Trident 3Dimage985 AGP, so
> I tried the 985 in the card database, but it didn't say AGP, so then I tried
> 975 AGP, and then 975 PCI).  Anybody know of any problems?

Mmmm... sometimes, the probe for the amount of VideoRam can lock the
machine with certain hardware combinations. Try to put a "VideoRam 4096"
in the "Device" section in your /etc/XF86Config file. Also, check
the appropriate READMEs for your Xserver/card.

-- JMA
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