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Date:      Mon,  1 May 95 07:02:25 EST
Subject:   Installation Problem
Message-ID:  <>

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Problem/Error Message

Receive following message during sysinstall task:

	Exec/stand/newfs failed code=9216 write error
	536103 wtfs: input/output error

and on Alt f2

	Warning: calculated sectors per cylinder (4096)
	disagrees with disk label (1008)


I've made a dozen attempts to make the disk label and 
sysinstall sector counts match but to no avail.  I've even 
reformatted the ESDI drive using the built in controller
BIOS code with debug at g=d800:5. The drive geometry reported
from the controller software is as follows:

	1224 cylinders 15 heads 35 sectors 
	sector mapping: 63, track mapping: no

Following one of your suggestions in the install doc I allocated 10MB
for a DOS slice and successfully got that going.  This leaves the rest 
the drive to FreeBSD.  I thought the sysinstall code would pick up the
drive geometry from what DOS had done but apparently not.

System Configuration

	Compaq 386 with 5MB memory
	ESDI Microscribe 313MB drive, type 38
	Ultrastor ESDI controller, wd1007 vintage

I've run diagnostics on memory and disk and no problems were reported. I've
also successfully installed DOS on this same system with no problems.

Any suggestions?

E-mail: (Steve Theby)
Phone: 1-314-214-4025        Fax: 1-314-214-4030 
Date: 05/01/95   Time: 07:02:26

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