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Date:      Mon, 1 Jan 1996 22:52:04 -0500
From:      Stephen Couchman <>
To:        "Jonathan M. Bresler" <>
Subject:   Re: iijpp STILL cannot talk to my modem :-((
Message-ID:  <>

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Some more info on this:

I tried the stty command on /dev/cuaa1 after trying iij-ppp again, and found
that the crtscts and clocal options were now set.  I tried this (on another
login session) after typing the 'term' command within iij-ppp.  It seems
that iij-ppp is setting these device options, and that these options are not
the problem.

So, it looks like I am back at square one, i.e. iij-ppp cannot talk to the

-- Stephen


At 06:13 PM 12/31/95 -0500, you wrote:
>	what you have included looks correct :)
>	do you have crtscts enabled on /dev/cuaa1?   what about clocal?  
>please check these by doing 'stty -a /dev/cuaa1'.  you have have a getty 
>running on any of the ttydX ports?

Ok, these options are not set, i.e. 'stty -a </dev/cuaa1' displays -crtscts
and -clocal.

I have tried (all ways that I can think of) to set these options, but am
having no luck!

Isn't the correct command:

        stty crtscts clocal </dev/cuaa1                 ????

I have tried this, but a subsequent 'stty -a /dev/cuaa1' shows that the
values have not changed!

What am I doing wrong??

BTW, I do not have gettys running on the /dev/ttydX ports?  Should I be
using these for iij-ppp?

-- Stephen
Stephen Couchman    |

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