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Date:      Thu, 28 Sep 2006 13:54:26 -0500
From:      "Kristopher Yates" <>
Subject:   Re: growfs HELP
Message-ID:  <BAY103-F487233292BD20E13B14DDEB1B0@phx.gbl>
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Anyone else have any suggestions?

I was thinking I could rewrite my partition table to what it was originally, 
then growfs using the empty partionable space.. but I dont exactly know how. 
  I just had some docs I found online (URL is below).  Before I did fdisk 
-s, the 2.888GB was an empty partition of the drive where I could have 
created a new partition.. but instead I did fdisk to merge it all into the 
same partition.  The docs I read said to do that, then growfs..  I just 
didnt understand the vague explanation of doing the math to determine the 
correct number of sectors to pass to growfs.

The docs I was using:

I know it is possible without doing all that you suggested.  It should be a 
matter of just executing growfs properly and I'm done.  Otherwise, it would 
be easier to just do a fresh install than to do all that you suggested.  
Makes sense to me.  I'd rather not have to reinstall.

My idea was to post here and get a better understanding, growfs and be done 
with it.  I didnt expect comments from the peanut gallery; ie.

>By the way, those are pretty small drives.   I don't see any
>on the market nowdays less that 18 GB and more likely larger.
>Maybe you need some new hardware.

Not everyone has a kush job at the SCNC working with universities.

A) Why does a box that is just running NATD and portsentry need an 18GB hard 
drive and a faster processor?

B) Maybe you need to give me some money so that I may afford to build the 
fancy firewall/gateway that you suggest.  I almost appreciate your reply but 
found your final remark to be rather condescending.

My hardware is fine.  It works and its all I have.  This firewall box has 
been online 24/7 since 1998 running FBSD just fine.  Blow the dust out once 
a year and "keep on trucking".

Michigan has the 2nd worst economy in the US.  I would think you would be 
more understanding of my situation.  Unfortunately, you have proven me 

Thanks to the FREEBSD community for continuing to be the leader in 
backward-compatible support for old hardware.  Long live the Pentium 60 and 
the 640 ATA controller! ;)



>From: Jerry McAllister <>
>To: Kristopher Yates <>
>Subject: Re: growfs HELP
>Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 11:45:37 -0400
>On Thu, Sep 28, 2006 at 03:26:27AM -0500, Kristopher Yates wrote:
> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > First of all, glad to still be running FBSD after all these years.
> >
> > I tried following some docs I found online in order to make my /usr
> > partition bigger and made it all the way to growfs -s, which is where I 
> > stuck.
> >
> > First of all, here was my original dilema, what I did, then a descript 
> > where I am regarding growfs problem.
> >
> > System (aka firewall): Pentium60 40M RAM 2 NICS, running FBSD4.5-stable 
> > great firewall running 24/7 since OCT 2000.)
> >
> > I tried to upgrade (make buildword make installworld to 4.11-stable).. I
> > made the new world and installed the new kernel but not quite enough 
> > to do the last steps (mergemaster and then installworld).
> >
> > So I built a spare box, and installed FBSD on it.
> >
> > I put the hard drive from the firewall as secondary master, and a larger
> > drive as secondary slave.
> >
> > * I ran dd and imaged the old drive onto the new drive
> >
> >   old drive seagate 1.2gb
> >   new drive quantum 4.3gb
> >
> > * I put the new drive into the old faithful P60 (firewall).  It boots up
> > fine running 4.11-p22 and is currently online as my firewall.
> >
> > What is left to do:
> >
> > Finish the 4.11 install which ended on make kernel KERNCONF=CUSTOMKERN.. 
> > just need to mergemaster then installworld as single user.
> >
> > Obviously, /usr partition (/dev/ad0s1f) is basically full w/ 8.6MB free.
> >
> > ** soo.. I did some fdisk magic and got stuck on the growfs (final step) 
> > order to growfs /usr
> >
> > fdisk reports my 1 partition @ full size of disk but no idea how to
> > properly use growfs.
>To use growfs you must have space in the slice contiguous with
>the partition you want to increase in size.   It cannot just grow
>anywhere.   You really did not want to move things using dd.
>You really wanted to build the new file systems to the sizes you
>want on the new disk and then use dump/restore to to the new
>First, fdisk the new disk and put the MBR on it and create your
>one slice on it and flag that as bootable.
>Then, use disklabel (in, bsd label in later versions of FreeBSD)
>to create your slices and also make it write out the boot sector.
>There is a block of examples in the disklabel/bsdlabel man page
>that tells how to use dd to make sure a drive is clean
>and then fdisk to make one slice with MBR and finally two disklabels
>to create the bootable partition and then to edit the partition
>table for all the partitions.   That group of commands is just what
>you need.
>Then, do a newfs on each partition created (except swap) and
>then make a mount point for them.   Mount the 'a' partition on
>something like '/newroot' for example and then run dump/restore
>to copy root
>              cd /newroot
>              dump 0af - / | restore -rf -
>Do the same dump/restore thing for each of the partitions/filesystems.
>Make sure you cd in to the base of each mounted new filesystem
>before doing the dump/restore and replace the '/' in the dump to
>be each filesystem  - for example, for /usr, make a /newusr mountpoint
>mount it and then cd to /newusr and do 'dump 0af - /usr | restore -rf -'
>When you get done, you will have a fully useable, bootable copy of your
>machine on the new disk.   Move the new disk to the primary boot
>position in your boot chain and start it up.
>By the way, those are pretty small drives.   I don't see any
>on the market nowdays less that 18 GB and more likely larger.
>Maybe you need some new hardware.
> >
> > Here is what I have:
> > cylinders=8895 heads=15 sectors/track=63 (945blks/cyl)
> >
> > media sector size 512
> >
> > partition 1 sysid 165, start 63, size 8405712 (4104 Meg), flag 80 
> > beg: cyl 0/head 1 / sector 1
> > end: cyl 1023 / head 14 / sector 63
> >
> > basically I need help filling in the following blank (/dev/ad0s1f == 
> > slice)
> >
> > # growfs -s ______ /dev/ad0s1f
> >
> > as shown above, fdisk sees the correct geometry as 4104MB partition but
> > /stand/sysinstall disklabel editor sees ad0s1 as 2888MB, which is the
> > amount of space I thought I was to be adding to /usr via growfs. 
> > my /usr slice is 975MB and really needs to grow. :)
> >
> > Please let me know what other info I can provide that will help you help 
> > solve this problem.  I have read man growfs and some docs online, 
> > I'm stuck and dont know exactly how to resolve the problem.
> >
> > Much thanks,
> >
> > Kris
> >
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