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Date:      Fri, 13 Sep 1996 22:57:32 -0700 (PDT)
From:      Doug White <>
To:        "Wayne M. Barnes, Ph.D." <>
Subject:   Re: travails
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <>

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On Fri, 13 Sep 1996, Wayne M. Barnes, Ph.D. wrote:

> Dear FreeBSDers,
>      System:  Dell Dimension P100t  (pentium 100)
>               8 + 32 = 40 Meg RAM
>               EIDE controller
>               1.6 Gig WD drive jumpered as master.
>               4X NEC IDE CD Rom jumpered as slave.
>               BootEasy boot manager is working.
>               400 MB DOS 6.22 partition
>              ~447 MB FreeBSD partition
>                  32 MB root  /
>                  32 MB swap   
>                  58 MB      /spare
>                  30 MB      /var
>                ~297 MB      /usr
>               rest of drive is extended DOS partition, D: and E:
>               CD rom drive works fine as dos drive F:
> BIG PROBLEM -- Can someone at least tell me whether this is hardware or
> software, and which piece is broken?  
>      Boot: Error: C:0 H:0 S:0
>            Error: C:0 H:0 S:0
>            Error: C:0 H:0 S:0
>            ... endlessly repeating

Busted floppy.  Try with a new, error-free flopy.  Try making the disk
under DOS.

>       I was able to seemingly install FreeBSD over FTP, after booting
> unix from the View program and Install.bat on the F: CD rom.  Thus, I
> was running unix on my system for quite awhile.  
>       In fact, I was running (and booting) FreeBSD on this computer for
> a few weeks, when I decided I needed a larger FreeBSD partition.  This
> first installation of FreeBSD installed with a boot floppy and FTP.  It
> was before I rejumpered my drives, and it never could see my CD.  
>       The above error occurs before and after rejumpering.  

Busted floppy.

Make sure your CD is jumpered the slave on the primary controller -- that
is the 'hot spot' for finding the CD.  You may try other configs if that
doesn't work, it appears to depend on the machine.

>       I am almost, but not quite able to install from the CDrom.  It
> boots OK, and I go through the installation screens ok, but when it is
> actually copying over the bin system, it s l o w s   d o w n  at about
> chunk 20, getting slower and slower, and finally making write errors
> and the installation fails.  This happened twice.  This did not happen
> with the FTP install.

I don't know about that one.

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Internet:    | Residence Networking Assistant    | Computer Science Major

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