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Date:      Sat, 3 Mar 2012 04:03:52 -0800 (PST)
From:      Bill Tillman <>
To:        "" <>
Subject:   Re: Brother Printer
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=0A=0A=0AFrom: Da Rock <>=0ATo: = =0ASent: Friday, March 2, 2012 10:37 AM=0ASub=
ject: Re: Brother Printer=0A=0AOn 03/02/12 23:57, Michel Talon wrote:=0A> O=
n Fri, 02 Mar 2012 22:40:21 +1000 Da Rock wrote:=0A>> Are you sure its just=
 a script? Any clue as to what shell it is using?=0A>> Bash? I do believe t=
here should be some binaries there somewhere as well.=0A> Yes im sure. I ha=
ve a ppd File, they linked=0A> to /usr/local/libexec/brlpdwrapperMFC730 and=
 thats a shell scipt.=0A> =0A> I just went to the Brother site and download=
ed a cups driver from here. It is not exactly=0A> the same as yours, it is =
for the MFC7320 but for sure there is a shell script plus a binary.=0A> cal=
led brcupsconfig3, which is called in the shell script called cupswrapperMF=
C7320-2.0.2.=0A> =0A> The binary is=0A> niobe% file brcupsconfig3=0A> brcup=
sconfig3: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamic=
ally linked (uses shared libs),=0A> for GNU/Linux 2.2.5, not stripped=0A> =
=0A> So at best you can hope to run it with Linux emulation. Personally i h=
ave an Epson dot printer=0A> and it is the same, the Linux driver contains =
binary blobs and cannot be run under FreeBSD.=0A> =0A> If you want to=A0 av=
oid such problems the only solution is to buy a printer with postscript=0A>=
 or pdf support and direct network connection, that is an expensive one. He=
re at the lab we are very happy=0A> with Xerox sublimation models (i think =
it is an evolution of the old Tektronix phaser)=0A> for doing color prints.=
 In particular the use costs are low, much lower than with color laser prin=
ters,=0A> in par with black and white laser printers.=0A> But if you want t=
o produce nice photographic prints, unfortunately you have to rely on good=
=0A> epson dot printers or similar, which means FreeBSD is excluded, unfort=
unately.=0AHow good are the sublimation printers? When I was at Xerox, the =
C410 produced brilliant photographic prints and it was laser; I'd expect be=
tter from the subs. I'm also surprised epson doesn't work.=0A=0AAs to this =
brother problem, I've also heard from Robert, so this also influences this =
discussion.=0A=0ACould it be possible to run the binaries under linuxulator=
? Don't port it as such. The whole premise of cups is a pipeline, so this s=
hould work surely? Forget compiling and run it all under linuxulator - main=
 program _and_ .so. I considered this before with other printers.=0A_______= ma=
iling list=0A
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"=0A=0A=0AI'm just a cheap, lazy hack and when faced with a similar problem=
 with my Brother Laser printer I opted for the cheap, lazy way out. I plugg=
ed the printer into a USB port, installed Ghostsctipt (free), made a simple=
 printer filter file which redirected the PS input to ghostscript, setup th=
e needed spooling directories under /var and installed lpd with the -w swit=
ch so it would take print jobs from wireless laptops which are running on a=
nother router in my home. Then on each Windows workstation and my son's Mac=
 book, we installed a simple PS printer, on the Windows machines I had to i=
nstall Unix Printing Services, then directed these printers to lpr port on =
my FreeBSD server. It works without CUPS, without Samba, it just works. I d=
on't know if ghostscript would have a compatible driver for your model of p=
rinter but it didn't have one for mine either. I just found one that was co=
mpatible and it's been working now for several years without any hassles.

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