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Date:      Wed, 28 Oct 1998 09:27:48 +0200
From:      Johann Visagie <>
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Subject:   Re: Thank you
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On Tue, 27 Oct 1998 at 22:45 SAT, JØRGEN RØISUM wrote:
> With FreeBSD, I feel like I am entering a whole new world with lots of
> danger, lots of exitement, and lots of questions (like how did I get all
> those Korean files on my disk), but I won't bother you with them. The
> important thing is that I have Unix to explore in the dark winter-times in
> the north (Norway).

Well, please come straight back here if you do have any questions!

> BTW, is it normal to spend all your time just learning and exploring until
> the wee hours? I see a great deal of family quarrels, angry bosses, and
> unhappy girlfriend situations a-coming...

Get used to it...  ;->  ;->

Good luck!
-- V

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