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Date:      Sun, 16 Aug 2020 14:48:52 +0200
From:      Ralf Mardorf <>
To:        Victor Sudakov <>
Subject:   Re: A nice looking WM to replace a DE
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I strongly recommend against Enlightenment, since it suffers from all the pi=
tfalls all desktop environments suffer from and it=E2=80=99s not maintained b=
y such a huge group of maintainers, as other desktop environments are. Btw. s=
ince you like to get a modern look, you unlikely like the decades old clumsy=
 themes available for Enlightenment.
If you want to avoid tiling window managers, but want to get something reall=
y small, take a look at JWM, it comes close to Openbox and at least on Linux=
 it is as rock-solid as Openbox is.

However, when I migrated away from Xfce years ago on Linux, I tested a lot o=
f alternatives and ended with JWM and Openbox. After a while openbox became t=
he only WM for me.

You could =E2=80=9Cdd=E2=80=9D NomadBSD to an USB stick, to test the look an=
d feel of openbox running on FreeBSD,
bsd-1.3-ss1.png . It=E2=80=99s a live FreeBSD, that by default does use open=

Unfortunately downloads can=E2=80=99t be checked again=
st a signed checksum, but this shouldn=E2=80=99t matter for testing openbox o=
n FreeBSD, if you anyway will install a window manager on you machine.

Depending on the panel/s etc. you chose, you get the menu and features you w=
ant to get for Xfce, without gvfs and other Gnome pitfalls.


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