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Date:      Sat, 14 Mar 2009 20:51:02 -0700
From:      Gary Kline <>
To:        Roland Smith <>
Cc:        Wojciech Puchar <>,
Subject:   Re: best archiver? (for music)
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On Sat, Mar 14, 2009 at 08:26:02AM +0100, Roland Smith wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 08:05:59PM -0700, Gary Kline wrote:
> > > lame -h -V 3 - nobody could tell the difference, it gives <200kbps bitrate
> > > lame -h -b 192 - as above
> > > lame -h -b 128 - they were able to tell difference, but not on all 
> > > music/songs
> > > 
> > > lame -h -b 96 - i was able to tell the difference on every song, but it 
> > > wasn't really huge deal.
> > 	my hearing is exceptionally good and while call myself an
> > 	audiophile,  having all my tunes right here at fingertips is 
> > 	a major win.  having said that, can you point me to a basic
> > 	tutorial on lame? 
> man lame

	GADGOOKS! that's no tutorial, that's *torture*.  After i finally 
	got caught up on miised sleep, a few hours ago I read-thru and
	listened-to (kttsd) the man lame.  Then surfed around; then came
	back to the man page and read the several examples.  So: the idea
	is that lame ["just"] converts WAV files to mp3.  There is a
	gnome utility, sound-juicer than turns my CD's from wave to
	ogg-vorbis.  I'm happy with ogg but would prefer flac ... but ogg
	is fine.  mp4 is a dontknow.  What I've got is good enough for

> >	i've got 1581620 blocks of mp3 @ 128kbit.
> > 	lectures.  when i tried to cut the quality even by a bit it was
> > 	evident immediately.  rar compresses these file to
> > 	1482404 blocks very very slowly.  it probably makes sense to just
> > 	burn the mp3 files to a dvd and be safe.  
> There is a special codec for speech. You'll find it the
> audio/speex port. From the pkg-descr:
>   The Speex is a patent-free, Open Source/Free Software voice codec.
>   Unlike other codecs like MP3 and Ogg Vorbis, Speex is designed to
>   compress voice at bitrates in the 2-45 kbps range.  Possible
>   applications include VoIP, Internet audio streaming, archiving of
>   speech data (e.g. voice mail), and audio books. In some sense, it is
>   meant to be complementary to the Ogg Vorbis codec.
> This might perform better at compressing lectures.

	Sounds v promising, thanks.  

	Given the availability of compression these days, it makes me
	wonder why telephone conversations still sound so 'tinny'.  But
	then, that's another matter.


> Roland
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